Photo: David Rogers / Getty

My beloved Aston Villa, once champions of Europe but now languishing in England’s second division, haven’t given me much to smile about the last few years. Except for today, with some A+ video game-related social media banter.

Some background: fellow Championship side Leeds United (another former English powerhouse down on its luck) released a new club badge earlier today. It is awful.

One of the common jokes/complaints about the crest, which replaces Leeds’ trademark White Rose of York with...some guy, is that it looks like one of the logos you’d find in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, which has to replace most official team names and badges with off-brand knockoffs.


Villa play Leeds in April, and so decided to whip up a match poster accordingly:


(For those who aren’t familiar with the series and are still not sure what’s going on, West Midlands Village is Villa’s name in PES, while Yorkshire White is Leeds’).


Nicely played all around. Except for you, Leeds. Try harder next time.