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Ni No Kuni II Sounds Massive

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don’t fret! Level-5 is still making Ni no Kuni II. That is, lots of Level-5 is making it.

Ni no Kuni II was announced last December, but was M.I.A. at this year’s E3. In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Level-5 founder Akihiro Hino talked about how development was going. Here is that exchange:

IGN JAPAN: How’s development for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom coming along?

HINO: We’re making it with all our might. The scale has gotten huge, and I think the title that has impacted the most Level-5 staff is Ni no Kuni II.

IGN JAPAN: The previous entry was a game parents could play with their children. What about this one?

HINO: This one is turning out to be a regular single player [game]. Reflecting on the previous one, the portrayal of the main character and the content was very much aimed at adults, but the visuals ended up looking a little like they were for children.

Because it seemed it was aiming too much at kids, and even though the hero is also a young boy this time, we’ve been careful in establishing this something adults can totally played by adults. As for the universe we’re creating, it’s like a Ghibli anime in that is easy for both adults and children to enter.


The first Ni no Kuni was a big game, too, so it’s good to hear that Level-5 is roping in loads of staff to produce another meaty Ni no Kuni experience.

No word yet on when Ni no Kuni II will be released. In case you missed it, here is Kotaku’s review of the first game.


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