Next Week, The New York Times Has a Tetris Surprise

Congratulations are in order for Kotaku reader Caleb, who wrote a crossword puzzle that the New York Times will be publishing next Thursday, October 25.

What's cool about Caleb's puzzle is that he didn't take the easy route and just submit game-related questions. I'll let him explain:

All of the black squares in the grid are arranged in the shapes of the Tetris pieces, the circled letters that extend across the grid diagonally spell TETRIS in the completed puzzle, and the three longest entries in the grid, when they're read together as indicated in the clues, spell out the main principle of Tetris: DO NOT LET / THE FALLING BLOCKS / REACH THE TOP. As far as I know, this is the only video-game themed crossword that has been published by the Times.


Doesn't matter if it is. It's instantly the most amazing.

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