Next-Gen Can Wait. Feast Your Eyes On Today's Gorgeous PS3 Exclusive

Kotaku video-capture artist Steve Marinconz and I are worried. We're worried that people don't know about Puppeteer. Have you heard of it? It's beautiful, fun, made by Sony's Japan Studio, full of fresh ideas and it's out today(!). How about if we showed you some of it?


Check out 17 minutes of us playing the game for you:

Remember that even though it's fun to get excited about new consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, launch games are kind of janky. Games on those consoles aren't going to be amazing on day one. On the other hand, games like this which are made by people who have had more than a half-decade of time working on current-gen hardware can look as wonderful as Puppeteer does.

We'll have a review in the coming days, though, after watching this video, you'll probably be able to decide if this one's for you.

Did I mention that Sony's only charging $40 for this?

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I played the demo. The game is indeed beautiful and has this magic to it. I played it with a smile. But I don't like the way the scenes are connected with the theatre theme. It makes for a less fluid experience, with constant stops and starts. Loved running after my "heads" though :p