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Next Far Cry Could Be In Africa (Again)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ubisoft's Patrick Redding, Far Cry 2's narrative designer, confirms that the next Far Cry game will take place in Africa — just like Far Cry 2! Keep in mind that the team is still in the "preliminary stages", but does have a "commitment to the African setting." Redding says:

For us Africa still has a huge amount of promise... There are still things we want to do with the African setting, and I think it's safe to say we'll continue to explore it... That said, we might find something new and compelling about the Antarctic setting that wants us to make the next game there, but honestly, we're still at the preliminary stages. If we wanted to make the next game set in the… forest of South America, we could do it. But I think to save time, for us, one of the reasons we chose to use the African setting is because we felt that in order to retain the Far Cry brand value, of an exotic, dangerous environment, a place that maybe people haven't had a chance to see themselves, or have seen extensively in film, television and other games, we wanted to choose Africa. Let's face it, jungle islands are probably less exciting as they were four years ago.

But a slowly melting Antarctica? Man, sign me up for that game. Third Far Cry game confirmed, dev team has "commitment to the African setting" [VG247]