The next Doom coming to gamers is so early in development that its creators haven't yet decided what exactly the game will be about or even what to name it. "The next game in the Doom universe is in development," id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead told me earlier today. " We do have the core of the team working on it, under the direction of Kevin Cloud. "We are working on what the story is going to be for the game right now, the logo (shown during QuakeCon) didn't have a four or a subtitle. We haven't made the decision about that yet. There is probably a let's not make a numeral game and some say we should make it one." While there isn't a lot to tell yet about the upcoming Doom game, Hollenshead told me everything he was able.The game will be built on the id Tech 5 and will remain true to it's roots, he said. "There's going to be big guns, lots of blood and demons," Hollenshead said. "That's what we see as the core and that's what that game is about. While Hollenshead said the development team definitely want to innovate with the game, it's too early to tell how exactly that will be done. "We are still working on the game and what it's going to be about," he said. "The goal for the game is that it will be the best game of its ilk when it's released. "It will remain true to what Doom is about, this very visceral experience. But we still want to obviously be innovative within that." Check back for the rest of our Hollenshead interview throughout the day. [Pic]


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