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Next Dead Rising To Be Episodic?

Illustration for article titled Next Dead Rising To Be Episodic?

No, not the Wii version. The next proper version, the one that may or may not be in development at Blue Castle Games. The latest issue of the UK's Official PlayStation Mag reckons that it's not just in development, but that Capcom are trying something a little new with it: that it'll be episodic. Like Siren: Blood Curse. Be worth watching to see how that plays out, if true. One episode per night/day, perhaps? OPM UK Rumours: Crysis on PS3 in 2009? [PS Beyond]


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I don't know if I like the way the games are heading. I want a full damn game without paying over and over. This eposodic thing is being abused. In the end you'll end up paying 100 bucks instead of 60.