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Nexon Shutters Vancouver Development Studio

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thanks to numerous tips, Kotaku has now confirmed with staff at Nexon America that the company's Vancouver-based development studio has shuttered its doors today, leaving upwards of 90 employees looking for jobs.

We've just gotten off the phone with the helpful, friendly receptionist at the Vancouver Nexon America development studio, who informed us that all of the approximately 90 employees at the location were let go this morning, and that the studio was now closed. One of our tipsters indicates that the news came by way of a studio-wide meeting this morning, which was expected to result in only half of the workforce being let go.


The Vancouver studio was actively working on the development of Nexon titles. The company's existing properties - MapleStory, Combat Arms, Mabinogi, etc. - should not be affected by this closure.

Our hearts go out to the displaced employees of Nexon Vancouver, especially the incredibly helpful receptionist manning the phones in the face of such turmoil.