Newspaper Man Offers Beer (Again!)

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Heartbeat Today the newspaper subscription man returned. About a month ago, maybe two, we cancelled our newspaper. Got a phone call from the paper in the evening asking us to re-subscribe. Last time we signed up, we were given a case of beer, curry, crackers, trash bags, coupons and gift certificates. Oh, the first month was free, too. Asked the guy for all the same stuff we got last time, he said he could agree to everything but the first month free. Told him to give us a week to think about it. Two hours passed and the guy was at the front door. He had brought wheat tea and free towels. He asked if we had talked about the subscription, and I said "No, not yet." He said he wanted to get as many people signed up before the Olympics started. I told him that was a good goal. He said he'd give us a month free (all of August!) and then we wouldn't have to pay until September. I said that was good because that's how it was last time. He said he'd bring more free stuff tomorrow (cookies and noodles), and I told him we'd think about it. How did subscriptions work at The Rocky Mountain News? What you missed last night E3 2008 Predictions: How'd We Do? GTA IV Is "A Threat To American Values" This Is How To Get Us Excited About MotionPlus, Nintendo Hear David Reeves, Cornered At A Party, Say Silly Things Sony Is Looking For Some Good Beta Home Recruits It's Official, Xbox LIVE Is Mostly Yanks


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Print media in Japan must be desperate if they can't figure out how to seriously compete with the internet. Most newspapers in the US focus on detailed local new coverage to differentiate themselves from the internet.

I personally wouldn't beat around the bush with these type of solicitors. Free stuff is a big price to pay for politely framed harassment.