New Zelda Will Require Motionplus?

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While details on the next Legend of Zelda game are almost entirely non-existent, courtesy of Nintendo's non-announcement during E3, that doesn't mean we know nothing about the direction series creator Shigeru Miyamoto will be taking the series.


We know one thing: that you might need to fork out an extra $20 for it. Speaking with Wired, Miyamoto says that "The goal at this point is that we would make Wii MotionPlus required in order to play Zelda".

"The bigger hurdle for us is not really whether people have a Wii MotionPlus or don't have it, it's whether or not the experience is one where people will think they want to have a Wii Motion Plus in order to experience it".

So it won't just make use of MotionPlus, it may actually require the user to have it? Bring it on. At the very least, it'd result in an entirely new combat mechanic for the series.


Well, I won't be buying a MotionPlus unless it comes with Zelda for no extra charge, so I hope they don't fuck us over here. =/