New York's Famous Chinatown Fair Arcade Could Live On In Documentary Form

New York's infamous and grungy arcade holdout, Chinatown Fair, shut its doors earlier this year. Should you have happened to miss this momentous occasion or simply miss the sights and sounds of the decades-old hangout, it's now the subject of a documentary, one that you can help become reality.


Arcade: The Last Night At Chinatown Fair is a newly kicked-off Kickstarter project seeking funding. The film's producers are trying to secure $20,000 to finish filming and editing Arcade, which "documents the final week of New York City's last arcade" and the opening of its successor, the Next Level arcade in Brooklyn.

Producers say they're still interviewing the Chinatown Fair community and plan to show Arcade at festivals sometime in 2012. Like most Kickstarter projects, donating to the cause gets you all kinds of goodies, depending on your generosity.

Hit up Kickstarter for an early look at the film and see if it inspires you to open your wallet.


Arcade: The Last Night At Chinatown Fair documentary [Kickstarter]

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