New Xbox Series X/S Background Is A Pulsating Blob From The Past

All glory to the hypno-blob.
Gif: Microsoft / Kotaku

Rolling out with the May Xbox Series X/S update that includes important updates to that handy Quick Resume feature, “The Original” dynamic theme marks the return of the glowing green glob of Flubber from the original Xbox’s startup and dashboard.


Those of you old enough to remember the original Xbox know that weird amorphous blob and its moving grid background very well. Here’s a refresher for the youngins.

(via SgtNatino on YouTube)

The Original dynamic theme doesn’t quite dominate the screen when active, but even in the background it serves as a hypnotic reminder of days gone by.

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Screenshot: Microsoft / Kotaku

To access the dynamic theme, boot up your Xbox Series X/S and go to settings>general>personalization>my background. It’ll be under Dynamic Backgrounds, alongside the other newly-added background, the also lovely but not-as-nostalgic “Motes.”

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Ah the original Xbox. I was in college when it came out. I wasn’t super interested, but a buddy got one. After playing it at his house I can’t away really impressed with Dead or Alive 3, of all things, and I decided to get one myself. On Valentine’s day after my morning classes I stopped at the Software Etc. at the local mall and bought one asking with DoA3, Air Force Delta Storm, Project Gotham, and Halo, as well as some other gifts for my then-girlfriend-now-wife (from the mall, but not Software Etc), then took it all to her dorm. I remember her being super pissed, though to this day I'm not clear on why.