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New Xbox Experience Going Out To Surprised Xbox 360 Owners

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you've turned on your Xbox 360 this evening and been greeted with a request to update your system, only to find the New Xbox Experience loading unexpectedly, you're not the only one. Kotaku readers are coming out of the woodwork, firing up the tips line with reports that the NXE is arriving a little earlier than promised. That's without pre-notification from Microsoft that they'd been accepted into the early preview program. Last minute round of invites? Someone flip a switch they shouldn't have? Nope. According to Xbox Live's Larry Hryb "everyone who successfully applied to the preview program" for the New Xbox Experience is now in. Congrats to everyone who can fill out a form. You'll be able to brag for another 24 hours and change about how special you are. Enjoy!