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New Xbox 360 Chipset This Summer?

Illustration for article titled New Xbox 360 Chipset This Summer?

Chip rumor time! Word is that Microsoft is moblizing IBM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to roll out the rumored Jasper chipset for the Xbox 360. Compared to the current Falcon chip, Jasper uses less noise and simpler cooling systems. Not confirmed, but the chip apparently drops in August, the dead of summer. Fitting!
New Chips [X-bit labs via Videogaming247]


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Darth Tigris

So this may be what officially leads to a NA price drop, maybe in the fall. The thing is still too expensive for how long its been out and not enough distance between it and the PS3 price (considering the Blu Ray player). Maybe the US dollar will be better by then ...

In other news, though we'll probably know more after next Tuesday, the potential 360 lineup this fall is honestly looking much stronger than the PS3 lineup. Some epic battles are being set up for fanboys (LBP vs. Banjo 3, R2 vs. GeoW2). Seriously, take a look and see how this could play out for the 360 this fall with a significant price cut.