New Wii, New DS, New Accessories? What do you think Nintendo Will Announce Tonight

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With Nintendo's press conference kicking off later tonight the rumors have been at full speed about what the profitable console maker may announce. We've heard about a new media-friendly DS with MP3 playback and a camera, we've heard about possible new peripherals, we've heard about some big much-anticipated game remake, we've even heard about a new Wii iteration, this one in high-def. But unlike with Microsoft, not all Nintendo rumors are true. So what do you think will be happening tonight when Nintendo kicks off their presser in Japan? Hit the poll to vote and the comments to discuss and then come back tonight to find out.


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I expect no matter what they will announce, it will not be enough for a great deal of loud-mouthed bitter 'core' gamers on here. I expect some of it will appeal it me, some of it will not and i'll buy what appeals to me, will not buy what does not and my life will go on. I also think that most of the commenters will make me laugh myself silly with their bias, their tunnel vision and there will be reminders every 3 or 4th post from the various trolls and such why so many 'hardcore' gamers are not only irrelevant when it comes to developers and publishers now, but why I welcome this influx of causal gamers who play games and don't treat them as a lifestyle, a replacement for a lover and see sound viable moves to make profit which may not cater to their selfish asses as bitter betrayals.

Yes tonight, I will look for all of this and more and sadly I don't think i'll be shocked by anything other then how much Kotaku needs a MOAB delivered purging and to go back to private invites. I do hope that i'm proven wrong, but alas, posters before me and after me will only serve to prove me right. Thank god there's still people here games for fun, ignore those they don't care for and can laugh as so many of you sad 'hardcore' folks, just like me, when you spew your hate, your unfunny jokes and ask for death and pain to be delivered onto those who aren't licking your rotten taints..when they never were, because Nintendo's still marketing to the same folks they were back in 1985 at CES in New York on a bitter winter's day.

I shall alert Spoony to have the hammer and razor ready and Brian, so should you.