New White Knight Chronicles Info Trickles Out

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Excited for White Knight Chronicles drip fed PR? We're not, but maybe someone is. Here goes: The Black Knight can transform into a powerful flying thingy. Regarding attacks, players have one-handed swords like daggers, which are ideal for short, close fighting. There are also large, two-handed swords that can damage enemies in a swift blow, but it's difficult to repeat the sword strikes in a rapid succession. For magic, there are two types ("Holy Magic" and "Spirit Magic"). Magic drains some of the character's health, and there are four types attributes for Spirit Magic: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. The last bit of info concerns winning battles with monsters. Players get things that they can use. For example, Famitsu says in the story part that players get a "Giant's Skull," but it's not known how that can be used. Maybe in the online part? Save that for the next installment of things developer Level 5 could tell us, but won't because the developer wants to draw out this game's promotion as long as possible so maybe you (yes, you!) buy the game. Stay tuned. 『白騎士物語-古の鼓動-』3つの新情報が判明 [Famitsu]


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Don't blame them, still kinda indifferent on the game, the knights and artwork look really neat but the characters themselves still seem pretty "meh" to me.