New, Very Nice SNES Console Was Made With A Record Label

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Analogue, makers of fine custom Nintendo (and now Sega) consoles, just released a new SNES machine as a collaboration with electronic label Ghostly. It’s gorgeous.


The Ghostly x Analogue Super Nt is a console that can play SNES and Super Famicom games (like, the actual cartridges), run them in 1080p and output digital audio. So far these are all things a regular Super Nt can do, so the difference here comes in two parts.

First is that this carries Ghostly branding, and is a very nice shade of white (the best console colour if wood grain is unavailable). More relevant to the collaboration is the range of custom boot-up “sonics” it features, made by Ghostly artists including Christopher Willits, Gold Panda, Mary Lattimore, Shigeto, Tadd Mullinix, Ouri, and Telefon Tel Aviv.

That’s cool as hell, and I’m very upset I was asleep while this sold out (Update: it’s still available on Analogue’s site).

If you’re unfamilar with Ghostly artists, the label—also home to folks like Com Truise, Helios and Tycho—provided the soundtrack for PS4 acid trip worm simulator Hohokum.


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