This trailer isn't for Guillermo Del Toro's Kojima/Kanye-approved, GLaDOS-featuring robots vs. monsters film. No, it's for Yuke's fighting game based on the property. And it is, unfortunately, not really looking so hot.


Robots are cool. I like robots! But if you're going to try to sell me a game about robots fighting monstrous Kaiju from the bottom of the sea, you've gotta show me at least one Kaiju. If I'd watched this ad and had no idea what Pacific Rim was, I'd think that the Kaiju were just more robots.


Furthermore, I don't remember that music from the movie, but if you're gonna make a soundtrack for a Pacific Rim game trailer, all you have to do is play this track:

Put on that ass-kicker and I wouldn't even care if the game itself didn't have any Kaiju.

Okay, okay, I'm probably being overly harsh. This might be an okay game. Though if they're going to make a game based on Pacific Rim, shouldn't it be a Kinect fighting game where you and a co-op partner have to perfectly coordinate fighting moves to command a Jaeger? Will Kinect 2.0 allow for mind-melding?

Both the game and the movie are out on July 12.

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