For me, going into an RPG like Fallout always means spending hours agonizing over every single stat. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, however, I can now start that meticulous process before the game is actually in my hands.

Introducing RPG Gaming’s Fallout 4 Build Planner. It’s a fan website that lets you allocate SPECIAL + assign perks based on your build, thus allowing you to formulate a Fallout 4 character, at least on paper. Just be warned—the tool is partially based on the recent Fallout 4 leak, meaning that using it means reading some minor gameplay-related Fallout 4 spoilers.

Starting out, you can name your character and put points into your Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Agility, and Luck. Here’s what I quickly whipped up:

After you sort that out, click ‘Next.’ You should land on this screen:


Here, you can ‘level up’ your character, which then lets you pick out Perks derived from your SPECIAL stats. That screen should look like this:

Any Vault Boys in grey stand for Perks that are available to you. You can hover over these Perks, and the app will give you a description:


The Vault Boys that are blacked out, however, aren’t available to you—unless of course you go back and tweak your stats! Otherwise, you can still hover over those Vault Boys to learn about what they stand for, even if you can’t select them in that moment.

In any case, I leveled up my character five times and went with these Perks:


ARMORER: Building armor always seems like a good idea.

HACKER: I want to hack into computers!


LOCKSMITH: No locks will stand in my way.

ANIMAL FRIEND: My guess is that this Perk is proooobably useless, but I’m really curious about it, too.


The overall result is this:

My actual character will likely end up with a different build, as I peruse all my options and deliberate over all the possibilities, but for now, this is a start! Usually, I like to play as smart, suave characters who know how to handle a gun—so that’s what I’ll try to fineagle in the coming days.


You can build your own Fallout 4 character here.