New Tony Hawk, With Board, Is Coming In Late 2010

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Activision Blizzard isn't going to let poor reviews of Tony Hawk Ride get them down. Sticking to its schedule of annual skateboard releases, the company announced today that it would release a new Tony Hawk game, using the board peripheral.


Activision CEO Mike Griffith said in an earnings call today that the new Tony Hawk game would be out in the back half of 2010. He acknowledged that the reception to Ride, the first Tony Hawk game to be controlled not with a traditional controller but with a skateboard-shaped controller that you stand on, was not good. "It took longer to optimize the hardware, leaving less time to optimize the software," he said. In theory, that means that the developers of the new game will have more time to craft a good game around the board peripheral.

No further details were provided about the game.

While the Ride game was panned by critics, it's been vocally supported by skateboarder Tony Hawk himself, who has been credited with pushing for the board-as-controller concept.

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DISCUSSION can't be serious. They already tried it. It failed. This is just ridiculous.