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New Tony Hawk Game Has A Freakin' Skateboard Peripheral

Illustration for article titled New Tony Hawk Game Has A Freakin Skateboard Peripheral

As was rumoured, it's been officially revealed that the next Tony Hawk game from Activision - called Tony Hawk: Ride - will be shipping with a giant, hulking skateboard peripheral.


This is either the smartest, or stupidest, thing Activision have ever done.

The announcement was made on the latest episode of GameTrailers TV. There's a trailer below. Not much else was revealed other than the fact the game will be out on 360, PS3 and Wii. Oh, and that it has a giant plastic skateboard peripheral.

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So, I have to manage to get my foot under the board, then jump off the ground and flip it, press some tiny little buttons in the air, then land it without falling on my ass?

Sounds like a fun YouTube video.