Sure, Microsoft have killed off the primary developers of the Flight Simulator series, but that doesn't mean the end of the series. For one, Microsoft are committed to future releases. Then there's these guys.

The newly-created Mamba Games will release six add-ons for MS Flight Sim over a 24-month period, beginning in March with Grumman F6F Hellcat (developed by Real Flight). The other five expansions will be announced soon.

Other games Mamba will be publishing include the fun-looking Matchman for DS, and The Lost Crown for the PC.

London 29th January 2009 – Mamba Games Ltd, a new dynamic multi-platform video games publisher today announces the first batch of products to be released throughout the globe. Headed up by Robert Neilson, a former US THQ executive, Mamba Games is looking to work closely with a variety of publishers and distribution companies to access the local markets.

Following Mamba’s inception in November 2008, the team have been working hard to secure projects from developers and Mamba is delighted to announce the first batch of projects for release.

Mamba has identified quality products and is excited to announce that they have acquired the global rights to six Microsoft Simulator X add-ons which will be released over a 24 month period. On top of this the critically acclaimed and award winning The Lost Crown: Ghost Hunting Adventure (Just Adventure 100% review, PC Gamer 84% review) has been acquired for worldwide release (excluding USA and N-America and the UK) Another new IP to hit the console market is ‘Matchman’ which will be released on Nintendo DS first in Q2 with the Wii version, PS3 and PSN later in 2009.

Robert Neilson, Co-Founder of Mamba Games commented “ Due to the difficult economical situation at present throughout the world, we have had to carefully asses each project and the risk margins in significant detail, but we are delighted to have such a strong portfolio for the first 2 quarters of 2009. We are incredibly excited about ‘The Lost Crown’ due to the stunning reviews the game has and we are proud to partner with such an excellent developer for this product. The pre- press from ‘Matchman’ has also been incredible especially since we are close to Gold status and will be releasing exclusive footage from the Nintendo DS version shortly”

Mamba Games would be delighted to invite distributors and publishers alike to discuss any business opportunities.

Release Date: 27th March 2009
Platform: PC CD ROM
Price: €29.99
Genre: Horror
Territories: Global excluding CIS, United Kingdom, US and North America

Release Date: Q2 2009 (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3
Price: £19.99/€29.99 (Other platforms to vary)
Genre: Scrolling shooter
Territories: Global

Release Date: 27th March 2009
Platform: PC CD ROM
Price: €19.99
Genre: Futuristic Racer
Territories: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

GRUMMAN F6F HELLCAT – Microsoft Flight Simulator X Add on
Release Date: 27th March 2009
Platform: PC CD ROM
Genre: Flight Simulation
Territories: Worldwide

Mamba Games will be announcing the next batch of projects in the forthcoming weeks and will be discussing distribution possibilities with a variety of companies.