Illustration by Sam Woolley.
Illustration by Sam Woolley.
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Most Steam games come with somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-50 unlockable achievements. Running Through Russia has 4,096.


Let me be upfront with you: Running Through Russia, which I found out about thanks to PC Gamer, is not good. It’s actually many unique flavors of bad—like a rainbow shaved ice, except all the flavors are different people’s urine. The graphics are amateurish. The controls feel awful. It’s just not fun. In short, though, it’s a runner game where you drink vodka and leap over poorly drawn bears. There really isn’t much to it.

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For some reason, it has thousands of achievements. The game’s in early access right now, so the achievements have names like “new_achievement_1_10.” I played it for a few minutes, and sometimes single jumps would net me multiple achievements. At the end of most runs, I was greeted by a confetti blast of colorful achievement boxes in the corner of my screen. I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s bizarre. It’s funny. It’s... still not worth a cent of your money. But man, 4,096 achievements. Like sure, I guess? I mean, if developers are allowed to do it, why not? Good luck naming them, developer person. The road ahead of you is a long one. Watch out for bears.

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