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​New Spelunky World Record Destroys the Two-Minute Barrier

Illustration for article titled ​New emSpelunky/em World Record Destroys the Two-Minute Barrier

You'd scream, too, if you did something better and faster than anyone else in the world. Like completing the notoriously hard video game Spelunky. So, yeah, let the guy holler.

A combination of luck and gear helped German speedrunner Pibonacci post a completion time of 1:55.353 in an Olmec run last night. The previous record was 2:01.396, held by runner Samots. Sure, some of the procedurally generated levels work out in Pibonacci's favor during his frantic playthrough. But you can still see a superlative amount skill and instinct in his run, especially when he probes this way and that to figure out the fastest teleport routes. Me? I would've teleported right into that lava.


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Yeah, the teleporter is one of those things I throw away immediately. No idea how it works.