New Space Game Puts You In Control Of Everyone, Like A God

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Image: The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is “a choice-driven sci-fi narrative strategy game,” that’s coming later this year on PC, where instead of taking control of a single space-faring faction, you’re more of a “gardener”, tending to loads of factions and trying to guide them from the stone age into the depths of space.


A bit like Suzerain, then, in that you’re essentially playing Choose Your Own Adventure, only here you’re reaching across the vastness of space, rather than quibbling over tax rates.

Looks neat!


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A better name might have been The Great Filter since that’s the theory it’s expanding upon and what most of the choices seem to be related to.

But then I’m not a fan of the Fermi Paradox, even though it’s not his specifically.  The theory is equivalent to someone looking through a keyhole into their backyard and claiming that elephants don’t exist because they don’t see one.