New Sonic Fan Game Is All About Raising Chao

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If you love the tiny critter-raising side game that’s been showing up in Sonic the Hedgehog games on and off since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, you’re in for a treat. Sonic fan game maker Nefault1st just released Chao Resort Island, and it’s all about raising and racing those adorable little scamps.


Available as a free download for PC and Mac, Chao Resort Island is a game that lets players take on the role of Sonic or his friends Shadow and Knuckles as they take care of a cadre of Chao. Players pet, feed and nurture their pets, purchasing them stat-enhancing fruit and wearables while pitting them against other Chao in feats of power, flying, swimming, running and more.

No relation.
No relation.

Here’s an example of a foot race from the game’s official Twitter. Players are in charge of giving the Chao an extra boost at the cost of stamina during races, but otherwise it’s up to the critters to win the day.

Nefault1st, AKA Nekko, built the game from scratch, and it’s a pretty impressive piece of work. There are multiple characters, different Chao types with varying personalities, and a couple of different Chao gardens to unlock. Nekko even did the music, which is darn catchy.

Want to give making your Chao garden grow a go? You can download the game for free at the official website.

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Multicultural Fruit Enthusiast

I’ll never play this, but I am also freaking out about it.

When I was in college, I had Sonic Adventure 2 for some reason. I really don’t remember anything about it outside of the opening level (which was the best level in the game, sadly) and the Chao-raising side game.

My friend and I stumbled upon that part of the game and would drink beer and create Chao and give them the most absurd names ever, and make them look as weird as possible. We would basically create Chao while the other wasn’t looking and have a weird unveiling and laugh our asses off at how stupid they looked and the names we gave them. We’d also make Dr. Robotnik run around like an idiot because his skinny-leg running motion was laughably stupid. You could also make him pet the Chao and turn them evil, and Robotnik would always say, “Yeeeoooossshhh” while doing this.

A few years back, my friend had his first kid so I went to go see how he and his family were doing. He asked if I wanted to hold him, so of course I said yes. And naturally, I gave the kid a head pat and yelled out, “YEEEEOOOSSSHHH!!”