What’s the main thing you look at while PC gaming? Besides the monitor. And the keyboard. And the random things on your desk. And the window near your desk. And the ceiling. That’s right—your mouse. That’s why SteelSeries put a small OLED screen on theirs, I guess.

To be fair, SteelSeries’ new Rival 700 gaming mouse has a lot more going for it—swappable mouse covers and sensors, up to 16,000 DPI tracking and the coolest feature, tactile feedback. I just can’t get over that OLED screen. What do I need this for?

SteelSeries says the tiny display is good for keeping track of macros and DPI settings, as well as personalized logos and such. But I look at its placement and all I can imagine there is my thumb. I could see myself spending $99 on this when it drops in the spring just to create a tiny picture of my thumb to place my thumb on, or a small sign reading “Thumb Goes Here.”


Or maybe I’ll just pick it up because SteelSeries makes good mice. I love the textured surface on it, and the lighting is nice and . . . why does it say “15” where my thumb goes?


Maybe its an esports thing I can’t understand without being on the circuit, as suggested by this quote from the official announcement.

“We’re thrilled to deliver the world’s first smart gaming mouse,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “By listening to gamers and eSports athletes, we’ve perfected professional gaming mice for more than a decade. The Rival 700 takes that expertise and meets gamers needs today, and grows to help them win in the future.”


Somewhere an esports professional is pumping their fist in triumph right now. If they had a Rival 700 already it would be an excellent time to quickly read that OLED screen.

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