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Screenshot: The Sims 4 (EA/Maxis)

The Sims 4 next expansion will be called Get Famous. It’s set to release November 16th, and your Sims will be able to, you know, get famous.


Get Famous comes with a new world, the Hollywood inspired Del Sol Valley, and two new careers: acting and the nebulously named “influencer” career. The Sims’s team has even teamed up with an honest to god influencer, a singer and YouTuber called Baby Ariel, who I am sure the audience of The Sims knows about. She has even contributed her apparent hit song, “Aww,” to the soundtrack.

“Aspiring Sims who go the extra mile by both looking the part and studying lines can take their career to the next level with a starring role in the next big blockbuster,” the Sims’s team said in a press release today. “No matter a Sim’s claim to fame, they’ll be able to attend exclusive parties with the stars, outrun starstruck fans, truly experience the VIP lifestyle of their dreams, and more.”


As for me, I’m excited for the expansion’s new streetwear-style clothes and the promised “gold-plated furniture,” which will be useful for furnishing the house I’ll build for my Sim of Drake. You think they’ll also have a cream with real diamonds in it?

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