New Sherlock Footage Debuts Tomorrow

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If you're anywhere near as obsessed with the BBC's Sherlock as I am, then you'll be thrilled to know that new footage will debut in the morning. Season 2 ended on something of a cliffhanger, and we're all waiting eagerly to see how exactly things will resume.


That wait is almost over, as season 3 is expected to premiere later this year or early next with the episode titled "The Empty Hearse." In the meantime, BBC One teased on its Facebook today that new footage will debut tomorrow at 9 a.m. Of course, that's probably in U.K. time, and no one can really know what that translates to in reality. I'll be keeping an eye out, in any case.

The modern re-imagining of Sherlock and Watson's hijinks is way more than just a cash-in, and I recommend it to all television and film fans (each episode is 90 minutes long), not just fans of the dusty old books or the flashy Robert Downey Jr.-starring movies. Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic in the title role, Martin Freeman is great as his sidekick, and the editing, writing, and cinematography are all absolutely top-notch.

I've got tons of questions about the upcoming season, but since they're all relatively spoiler-y, I won't pose them here. Instead I'll just ask you: what are you hoping to see in Sherlock's third season?



I love the series, but the one episode I really hated was "The Baskerville Hound." It just seemed too out place in the series, like an intermission from the overarching Moriarty plots.

I still can't wait for Season, I mean Series 3!