New "Sega" Handheld Coming

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The days of Sega manufacturing hardware are over. But in these days of licensed technology and retro appreciation, Sega hardware still lives on, in this case with the return of the Nomad, Sega's handheld Genesis.


Now called the Retro Gen, and being released by hardware company Innex (who you've heard of before), it's a handheld that will play not only official Genesis/Mega Drive carts, but also "licensed games that have been downloaded and saved to an SD card using a special development cart".


The Retro Gen packs an in-built battery you can charge via USB, and even has an improved six-button layout that more closely resembles the original console's second, improved controller.

It'll be out in the US on July 25, and costs $50.

Retro Gen Portable [VGC, via GSW]

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There are numerous Genesis games that WILL NOT WORK with the six button controller. Like, the game wont even get past the title screen.