New Red Dead Redemption Trailer Swarming With Flesh-Eatin' Crazies

You'll see husbands eating wives, mothers eating children, and one very pissed-off John Marston in the official trailer for Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare.

Click to view Now that's good eating!

Take a moment to soak up the sheer horror of the undead invasion of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption. Then come back tomorrow, when we'll have a hands-on preview of the gory downloadable content pack in action.


Not even zombies could get me excited about a game I was bored to death with. Sold this game 2 weeks after I got it (beat it first). That's the first time I ever sold a game.

80% of the game was dreadfully boring, the rest were a few decent missions here and there. Everything else production-wise was top notch except for the missions and things to do which were non existent. Don't even get me started on the last half hour or so of the game with those meaningless family missions that I had to choke my hands to continue playing because I was hoping there was some epic mission that would play out afterwards, which didn't even really happen anyway.

Everyone hated on GTA4 but atleast there were tons of buildings, detailed environments everywhere and you had lots of different cars (with radio's). How about driving a horse through 10 miles of literally nothing? Imagine if GTA4 had no buildings or stores, and you had horses instead of car's, how much that game would be flamed but for some reason Red Dead get's a free ride.

And don't tell me to take the taxi because that just speeds up the process of playing the insanely boring missions. The combat was good but the reason for the combat were almost always a giant steaming pile of meh. They tried to force you to connect with the characters by taking long ass rides with them but that just made me hate them even more. I never cared about ANY of the characters in Red Dead, AT ALL. Not even that Bonnie girl, I was shocked that she was about to be hanged, but if she did end up hung I'd say oh, oh well. Atleast I cared about Niko in GTA4 as well as his cousin, they were likeable and interesting. Nobody in RDR was interesting except the burial guy maybe and they barely used him. The ghost-guy who knew a lot about Marston was incredibly interesting but low and behold they barely used him also. The characters they used a lot? Oh they're hicks who are likely racist and ask you to do meaningless chores to help their simpleton meaningless lives.

There was just so much wrong with RDR and so many things they could've added/changed that would've made it amazing. How about letting us fly that Da Vinci prototype? How about more missions where you have to go to multiple places and there's some kind of sense of urgency? These kinds of missions are considered the 'epic' missions but they happen like once every 5 hours of play time. How about giving us a car after beating the game or getting all the trophies or something. How about you abandon your insane attachment to realism for one GAME and let us have FUN in your extremely detailed but lifeless world. Nowadays Rockstar does everything right except CREATIVITY. I could go on and on but i'll leave it at that.