New Record for ‘Most Nintendo Cartridges Blown Into’. Yes, That Exists.

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon wanted to set some new video game world records. So, apparently, he made some up.


I mean, really, how else can you explain the categories that Fallon and guests notched achievements in? A bunch of (admittedly charming) people impersonating Ryu from Street Fighter? Come on. Still, as side-eye-worthy as these are, they're not as bad as the ones that recently went into last year's Guinness Book.

And, yes, it’s entirely possible to let ‘the most games played at the same time’ slide, though, as it requires a freakish set of skills and/or circumstances. The others are suspect. Also, there’s no way that ‘most Nintendo cartridges blown into’ record isn’t getting broken in, like, a week. Love you, Kamal, but stick to keyboards.

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