New Prototype 2 Digital Comics from Dark Horse Explain Why New York’s Such a Hellhole

At the end of the first Prototype, the island of Manhattan suffered tons of property damage after hoodie-wearing protagonist Alex Mercer completed his quest to dish out viral justice. From what we've seen of Prototype 2, the city's become NYZ, a massive hot zone seething with poor, Blacklight virus-infected citizens that new hero James Heller needs to hunt down. So, what happened between then and now?

You'll be able to find out in a new digital mini-series from the publishers of Hellboy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Set for three single-story issues releasing bi-weekly from Febuary 15th on, the Prototype 2 comics will deal with the post-Proto 1 doings of Alex Mercer, a group of ordinary folk trying to escape the infected hell that the city becoming and a glimpse in Sgt. Heller's backstory.


The comics are being made in partnership with Prototype 2 developers Radical Entertainment and will be available on Dark Horse's digital site. You'll probably be able to read them on the publisher's iOS app, too.

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