New Layton and Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Announced Next Month [Update]

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This April, Level-5 will holding its own expo in Japan and will announce a handful of new titles.


[Update: Added more information about Layton 7.]

The event's official site lists the event outline, which includes Yokai Watch 3, Layton 7, and Fantasy Life 2. Level-5 will also detail future anime projects.

This sounds like big news all around. Yokai Watch has become incredibly popular in Japan, so a new entry isn't a surprise. It's always good to see a new Layton game, and the same can be said about a Fantasy Life sequel.

Layton 7 was first announced in 2013 for Android, iOS, and 3DS. The puzzle game appeared to be the first to ditch the professor; however, the game has been M.I.A. since then. On the event page, Level-5 is listing Layton 7 as one of the "newest works" that will be presented. There is no other information at this time.

So yeah, that's pretty much all we know for now. The expo will be held on April 7 at Tokyo Dome City. Until then!


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I knew it. There's no way Level 5 would let the Layton franchise to end just like that. There's still a lot of money to milk out of it.

The site also says "cross-media project" for Yokai Watch 3. I wonder what that would mean...

No matter, bring it on Level 5!