New Nintendo DS Game To "Make Learning About The Economy Fun"

Illustration for article titled New Nintendo DS Game To Make Learning About The Economy Fun

What, you didn't think they'd stop at brain training, fitness and music games, did you? Nunh unh. Oh boy, Nintendo are just getting started. Next on their agenda is to make a game - or at least a piece of software - that makes learning about the economy fun. To repeat: that makes learning about the economy fun. They're partnering with Nikkei on the software, which is destined for the DS, and will have users "tapping on the devices' touch-screen panels and answering a series of quizzes" in the hope that "the software will attract young people who are interested in the economy". Hopefully this signals the beginning of a trend in which Nintendo make games based on Iwata's favourite pastimes and hobbies, instead of that Miyamoto guy's. NINTENDO, NIKKEI TO DEVELOP ECONOMY-BASED SOFTWARE FOR DS [TM]


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The change counting game in Brain Age 2 was economy enough for me. :(

Damnit Nintendo. I just realized that I am currently not looking forward to any Nintendo games. Omg... OMG?! I have been excited for at least 1 Nintendo game for the last 10 years straight. What is going on?! Someone tell me one amazing Nintendo-made game that is coming up! Pleeassee