They're called LEGO Fusion, and their big new feature is the ability to digitize your structures—to put them on your tablet or phone, basically, where you can then play around with them in various ways.

To facilitate this, each Fusion set includes (apart from a set of bricks, of course) a Fusion capture plate. What happens is: you build an up to 16 by 16 2D wall on the capture plate, you take a photo of the wall with your phone's or tablet's camera, and the LEGO Fusion app then interprets the photo, creating a virtual 3D version of whatever you built.

Actual gameplay in the app changes depending on which set you get, but the one common element is that you're going back and forth between the app and the capture plate as you play in each of them.


In this simulation game, players create and rule their own LEGO town, first by building it with LEGO bricks, then by capturing it and importing it to the game. Players build everything from houses to a pizzeria, fire station and bike shop while completing errands and missions like catching robbers, fighting fires and skateboarding. To keep the minifigure citizens happy, players solve problems through physical building and earn points to gain access to more structures, and even run additional towns.

LEGO FUSION Battle Towers

Players build a tower and defend it against attack so they can rule the kingdom. First, players design the Battle Towers with real LEGO pieces, then capture them and import them to the game. Next, players choose tower defenders like wizards and archers and battle against evil warriors, skeleton armies, and more. If a tower is damaged in battle, players can repair the damage with a timed build with the game's real LEGO bricks.

LEGO FUSION Create & Race

In this racing game, players get behind the wheel and virtually drive the cars that they create with real LEGO bricks. Once a custom vehicle is digitally designed, physically built, and imported to the game, it can be optimized for success in racing, demolition or stunts. Players learn that every brick shape and color on the vehicle matters for performance. Three themed courses offer endless challenges unlocked by physical LEGO builds, and players can even ghost race against friends to top the leaderboard.

LEGO FUSION Resort Designer

Players help the LEGO Friends design new vacation houses, shops and activities for Ambersands Beach. After building 2-D facades, capturing them and importing them to the game, players can design the interiors of 3-D digital structures, such as an aquarium, surf shop and beach houses. Players can unlock new levels and build more resorts by completing missions like rescuing dolphins, riding horses, surfing and other resort activities.


The four LEGO Fusion sets will be arriving this Summer.


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