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New League Of Legends Feature Puts A Stop To Awful 4 Versus 5 Games

I use this image for all of my League of Legends posts, because I enjoy pain.
I use this image for all of my League of Legends posts, because I enjoy pain.

Attempting to put a stop to unfortunately unbalanced matches of teams of five versus teams of four and a disconnected person, Riot is adding a new command to League of Legends that will allow the short-staffed team a chance to bow out gracefully.


There’s no feeling quite like finding your team outnumbered in any MOBA and pulling out a win, but that doesn’t happen very often. When the game begins and one player doesn’t make it, be it by purposeful disconnect or bug, the team down a player is generally doomed.

But come update 6.11 (in North America), players on the shorthanded team will be prompted to initial a /remake after three minutes. As long as no kills have occurred and two of the four remaining players vote yes to a /remake, all players are returned to the queue no worse for wear. The disconnected person still suffers a loss and loses an amount of League Points equal to those they’d have lost had the game been played.


Everybody wins, except for the losers. There are a few exceptions detailed in Riot’s post on the feature, but ultimately this seems like a fair solution to an annoying problem.

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Only took ‘em 5 years after it was implemented in Dota 2. What will we get next, voice chat?