New L.A. Noire DLC Case Lights Up Today

Rockstar's latest L.A. Noire DLC case Reefer Madness is available today on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The heady DLC is priced at 320 MS Points or free for Rockstar Pass holders. The new case arrives on PlayStation Network tomorrow.


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Just to expand on what Cerne said below regarding Rockstar and DLC.

Rockstar has set a precedent with promotional DLC, both with Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire. The promotional, retailer-exclusive DLC content for both games has been made available on PS3 and XBL to all users for a small cost.

For the many developers and publishers that insist on shipping their game with a dozen separate retailer-exclusive DLCs, this is the new standard that has been set by Rockstar. It is your responsibility to meet or exceed this standard.

Do not fail me.