New iPod Touch Is Faster, Bigger, Better For Gaming

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This is the new iPod Touch, announced at Apple's press conference today. It's got the iPhone 5's screen and the A5 processor, which makes it about as fast as the iPhone 4S.

The new iPod Touch is out in October. $299 for 32gb; $399 for 64gb.

The iPod Touch is "the world's most popular music player... but a lot of people don't realize that it's also the world's most popular videogame player as well," Apple's Greg Joswiak said while revealing the new device.


Joswiak then showed off Clumsy Ninja, a rudimentary game that resembled Nintendogs or a tamagotchi. He prodded and poked at the on-screen ninja, who could react to the environment and "learn." Out this holiday season.

Illustration for article titled New iPod Touch Is Faster, Bigger, Better For Gaming

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Ah, an article about iOS gaming and the typical parade of anti-iOS, anti-touch screen gaming detractors.

I find it downright fucking ABSURD that I've spent the past two years witnessing what can only be described as a new renaissance of independent game development and some of the best "traditional" gaming (GAME MECHANIC-focused) experiences with iOS devices (iPhone 4, iPad 2) and yet we've STILL got a "core gamer" audience passionately, vehemently denying the legitimacy and viability of the platform at every turn.

Funny thing when people keep denying that something is "real" after it's pretty much a quantifiable thing.

Face it kids, the saturation of iOS devices and the amazing delivery method/price structure of the marketplace has completely disrupted everything and it simply doesn't matter that you hate it anymore.

It's here (been here for quite some time actually).

It's legit.

It's viable.

And a lack of buttons/physical interface is no real deterrent to those who are out there spending time and money supporting the viability of the OS and Marketplace. Your cries of "NO BUTTONS = SUXXORZ/NOT REAL GAME SYSTEM!" are infinitesimal and practically meaningless.

HELL, there's a whole youth generation that is entering the hobby experiencing touch BEFORE a corded, button/joystick/D-Pad controller.

Face it. You're the old men/women on the porch shaking your fist at something that's not just coming, but has already happened.

I'm happy to be such a willing adopter of new tech as my experiences to date with touch and tablet gaming have been spectacular. I look forward to whatever the future brings.