New Half-Life 2 Mod Is So Spooky I Can't Even Aim Anymore

Estranged: Act I, a free mod for Half-Life 2, recently made its way to Steam. I turned out the lights and plugged in my headphones to try and answer the question: Could this tense atmospheric mod spook me?


Horror films rarely scare me. Although I can get engrossed in a film, they've always been too passive an experience to ever leave me spooked. Scary games however, especially those in the first person, always tend to get to me.

The first scare came from the unexpected rumbling of an Xbox 360 controller left plugged in atop of my PC...scary stuff. But soon the tense atmosphere really started to ramp up and, well, you can see how I got on above.


Estranged: Act I is available now on Steam. It's pretty great and well worth your time—I mean c'mon now, it's free.

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No you only need the Source 2007 SDK. You need to own a source game to access it. I don't own HL2 and I can play it