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New Grimes Song Declares Elon Musk As 'Greatest Gamer' But Crappy Boyfriend

The musician and Tesla CEO began dating in 2018, had a kid in 2020, and separated in September 2021

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Elon Musk standing in front of a blue background near a rocket ship model.
Photo: Britta Pedersen-Pool (Getty Images)

Grimes released a new song off her upcoming album Book 1. The track is titled “Player of Games” and appears to be a not-so-subtle song about the musician’s four-year relationship and recent break up with 50-year-old Tesla CEO and internet troll Elon Musk.

Apparently, Musk really loves the game and is the greatest gamer, but not much of a lover or boyfriend, assuming the song is indeed about him. (Which it super, probably is.)

“Player of Games” was released on December 2 and according to Grimes is the start of a new era, as she prepares to market and release her next upcoming album, Book 1. And it appears the first track released off it directly references Grimes relationship and eventual September break up with Musk.

I wasn’t really aware of the song’s existence until someone posted the lyrics to the track on Twitter. I assumed they were shitposting. Making it all up for a silly goof. But no, the new song does indeed include lyrics such as “I’m in love, with thе greatest gamer. But he’ll always love the game, more than he loves me” and “Sail away, to the cold expanse of space. Even love, couldn’t keep you in your place.”


The “greatest gamer” here appears to be a direct reference to Elon Musk, someone who at one point in time followed Kotaku on Twitter and who is known to play video games and has even shared gaming-related memes on the internet. (If I was billionaire I’d never touch the internet again, let alone Twitter, but that’s just me.)

Most likely “game” isn’t a direct reference to a specific game, but a play on words. We know Elon at one point read a book by Iain M. Banks titled “The Player Of Games” which, according to Musk, contained a “compelling picture of a grand, semi-utopian galactic future.” So in this context “game” probably means the business of running Tesla, his involvement with SpaceX and his continued attempts to make shitty subway alternatives using electric cars and expensive tunnels.


Or maybe that time he sold “flamethrowers” which were just large, expensive lighters. Or...he likes GTA Online a lot. Who can say? Only Grimes really knows and she’s too busy trying to remember why she and Musk tried to name their child X Æ A-12.

It’s not shocking to hear Musk might not be the best boyfriend in the world, considering allegations that he has physically and verbally abused employees, has had in Grimes’ own words “immature” moments and meltdowns on Twitter and once called a man trying to save children from a deadly situation a “pedo guy.” Yeah, doesn’t seem like a great boyfriend. But a great gamer... I can buy that.