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New Gears Of War 2 Action Figures

Illustration for article titled New Gears Of War 2 Action Figures

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) continue their almost single handed quest to collect all the dust in the northern hemisphere with their range of shelf-filling collectibles. Next up is a set of Gears of War 2 dolls action figures we first saw some advance shots of in June.There is a new Marcus Fenix figurine, an even 'orribler looking Locust Theron Guard and two more of Marcus' chums from Delta Squad. As usual, the models are absurdly detailed, not that the people who will buy them will ever take them out of the packaging to find this out. Honestly, NECA could really save on manufacturing costs by only modeling the front bits. The savings on plastic alone could treble their 3rd quarter operating costs. Gears of War Series 2 Action Figures Revealed [Team Xbox]


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These are for GoW2? They look like they are for the first one.