Omnipresenz is a "game" (currently looking for funding) that wants to use cameras and the internet to turn a real human into the playable character in a video game, users at home able to control their everyday actions. It is either the stupidest or most naive idea in the history of video games.

The idea is that the "avatar" walks around with a camera strapped to their heads, broadcasting everything they see and hear, while "players" watching at home on the internet can issue commands and decisions telling them what to do.

Which, knowing the internet, will probably be lots of commands to jump off bridges, abuse strangers and/or take their pants off.


The idea isn't new, of course. We've seen it done before, and done better, on TV.

Making things even dumber is that you can clearly see that to get the "avatar" to take actions, you need to pay.

So hey, maybe they have thought this through after all.

(via technabob)