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New G.I. Joe/Transformers Collectors Figures Revealed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Available soon to members of the Transformers Collectors Club is this new set featuring crossover G.I. Joe and Transformers characters Marissa Faireborn and Afterburner. Marissa is a member of the Earth Defense Command in the Transformers universe, but she's also intended to be the daughter of a major G.I. Joe hero:

Wikipedia explains:

When abducted by the Quintessons in the animated series episode, "The Killing Jar", Marissa is duped by a hologram of her father—Commander Faireborn. For a long time, fans have suspected the G.I. Joe character Flint (Real Name: Dashiell R. Faireborn) as being Marissa's father. He is never actually identified by name in the episode, but aside from the obvious connection of sharing a last name, he is voiced by the same actor, Bill Ratner, and is visually designed to look like an aged version of the character. Consequently, it is theorised that Marissa's mother could be Flint's paramour, Lady Jaye. The 20th Anniversary edition DVD of The Transformers: The Movie provides a commentary that confirms this fact—Sunbow's writers had indeed always imagined her as the daughter of the two G.I. Joe characters.

This video provides highlights from the episode:


Umm, Wikipedia also explains:

In some interpretations, she is depicted as an unlikely love interest for Autobots such as Jazz (G.I. Joe/Transformers), and, more prolificly, Optimus Prime (Kiss Players).


Anyway, here are the Marissa and Afterburner figures available for preorder soon to members of the collector's club:


Via TNI.


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