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New Final Fantasy XIII Trailers Now For Your Eyes

Square Enix has finally made publicly available the Final Fantasy XIII trailers it showed at its DKΣ3713 event this summer. There's a smattering of new footage, matched with old platform exclusivity information.

Yes, this Final Fantasy XIII trailer still ends with "Coming Soon for PlayStation 3" but all those pretty pre-rendered scenes make us forget about that console war ugliness. There's even a new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer for you to soak in!


Yep, not much in the way of gameplay here, but we know that at least five minutes worth of Versus XIII exists!

Thanks to everyone who reminded us that these trailers were out.

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Very impressive CG Square Enix. I'd rather they'd just show how awesome it looks in-game though, I mean seriously SE if its coming out in 2009 then show us some proper game footage