New Final Fantasy Trailer Includes Lovely Music, English Voice Acting

Click to view Caught in the translation bubble that gave Final Fantasy XIII to Japan last month, but won't deliver it to the rest of us until March, we're all left to watch trailers of the game set to pop music.

In this one we get to watch the new International trailer which is set to the music of British pop and R&B singer Leona Lewis. We also get to hear a bit more of the new voice acting for the English release.


Tim Rogers

oh god, those voices sound pretty awful. again, they sound recorded in a tin can. why, oh why, are the japanese the only people in the world who really, really know how to record a speaking voice?

i mean, not defending the source material or anything — it's not literature — just saying that the recording quality is light-years beyond the recording quality of the english version. guhhhh.

also: the japanese script was ripe for the creative translation. this sounds like they just fed it into babelfish (or a paper shredder :-/)

by "creative", i don't mean "change what the story is about", i mean "make the characters sound clever". i guess none of the translators hired know anything about being clever :(