New FIFA Game Coming (But It's For Facebook)

When EA bought casual games developer Playfish, people thought it would mean EA games based on fluffy animals. Nope. Turns out the "well-known brand" the studio has been working on is a Facebook version of football series FIFA.


The game will be called FIFA Superstars. Details are thin on the ground, but from the way EA Sports boss Peter Moore describes it - using terms like "connect fans from all over the world who share a common passion for the sport" - it may be as much about the social and cultural aspects of world football as it is about gameplay.

Which, considering it's a Facebook game, makes sense! This may all sound a bit naff to Americans, but with the official World Cup license under its belt, if EA is able to leverage the fanatical support that's about to swell up across the entire planet over the next three months, this could be a sleeper hit.

Great News For World Cup; New News on Facebook [EA]

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