I'm a sucker for clear electronics. I love seeing what's inside. You know, the innards. Sony's new DualShock 3 controller almost lets me do just that.

As Gamer notes, the color is called "Crystal," and it's more of a frosted clear plastic. You may remember that Sony previously released a clear plastic DualShock 2 controller, and I kind of wished they had done that here.

Still! This looks rather nice. The Crystal DualShock 3 will be December 19 in Japan. It's priced at 5,500 yen, which is around US$56. No word about a Western release.

スケルトン仕様になったワイヤレスコントローラ「DUALSHOCK 3」の新色「クリスタル」が12月19日に発売 [Gamer]

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