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There’s a new Dragon Ball Z movie. And it won’t be in theaters until April 18, but yesterday, there was a preview screening. Details are leaking out, but what most people probably want to know is whether or not there is new Super Saiyan hair.


Note: Don’t like spoilers? At all? Well, don’t read this.

Yesterday, a photo appeared online showing blue-haired Goku and Vegeta toys. Some wondered if the photo was real.

Dragon Ball Z has already had a blue-haired character with Broly, whose locks turn neon blue during an altered Super Saiyan state.


Depending on the level of their Saiyan transformation, Goku and Vegeta, however, haven’t had a blue-hair iteration, but rather, go to yellow in Super Saiyan mode. So after seeing these rumored blue-haired figures, the assumption was that these characters would be getting a new transformation in the upcoming animated feature film—maybe some kind of Legendary Super Saiyan form. Or something.

Whatever! This was supposed to be cool. I mean, blue hair.

Even if that makes the characters look like Toriko from the anime... Toriko.


[Photo via Matome Naver]

But still! BLUE DRAGON BALL HAIR. To battle the gold Frieza!

Apparently, this isn’t a new form. It’s supposedly just cosmetic. A new look, if you will.


On a GameFAQs spoiler thread, forum member Then00bAvenger summed up the blue-haired spoilers that are floating around. “The blue hair thing is apparently just an effect of ‘going Super Saiyan’ when you have absorbed Super Saiyan God powers. In other words, it’s not really a new form as it is a ‘new look’ for Super Saiyan for Super Saiyan Gods. Or something like that. I don’t know, it’s weird. Both Vegeta and Goku do it and they have to use that form to fight against Golden Freeza.”

Continuing, Then00bAvenger added, “Goku and Vegeta use their blue forms pretty much immediately against Golden Freeza actually.”


Over on Dragon Ball fan site Kanzenshuu.com, forum member Kei17, who also runs a DBZ fan site and who claims to have seen the preview, wrote this when asked about the blue hair: “It’s just Super Saiyan fused with Godly power. It happens solely for a powerup and has no interesting story behind it.”

Online in Japan, others who claimed to have been at the preview confirmed the blue-haired Saiyans. “They seemed like regular Super Saiyans, but made blue,” wrote one net user.


Oh. Okay.

Keep in mind that we’re filing these explanations under “rumor” until Kotaku can confirm this first-hand once we see the movie when it opens next month in Japan.


Top photo: Dragon Ball Wikia

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