The fighting game also has picture-takin'. Lots of it. Dead or Alive Dimensions has a "Figure" mode that allows players to not only collect character figures, but snap 3D photos of them.

There are over a thousand figures to collect with different outfits and poses. The character figures can be placed against a wide variety of backgrounds, too. And when players are finished, they can view photos in their 3D Photo Album.


Previously, Dead or Alive: Paradise featured a photo option, something Kotaku's Michael McWhertor called "a missed opportunity" in his review. Maybe DoA: Dimensions will get it right. Maybe not. Who knows!

Dead Or Alive: Dimensions will be released in Japan, 3D photos and all, on March 24.

『デッド オア アライブ ディメンションズ』3D写真が撮影できる [ファミ通.com]

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