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New Dead Or Alive Wants Players To Focus On More Than Fighting

Illustration for article titled New Dead Or Alive Wants Players To Focus On More Than Fighting

The fighting game also has picture-takin'. Lots of it. Dead or Alive Dimensions has a "Figure" mode that allows players to not only collect character figures, but snap 3D photos of them.


There are over a thousand figures to collect with different outfits and poses. The character figures can be placed against a wide variety of backgrounds, too. And when players are finished, they can view photos in their 3D Photo Album.

Previously, Dead or Alive: Paradise featured a photo option, something Kotaku's Michael McWhertor called "a missed opportunity" in his review. Maybe DoA: Dimensions will get it right. Maybe not. Who knows!


Dead Or Alive: Dimensions will be released in Japan, 3D photos and all, on March 24.

『デッド オア アライブ ディメンションズ』3D写真が撮影できる [ファミ通.com]

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Oh come on...they practically copy this shit off GT5. GT allows you to take pictures in different location. Even take 3D pictures and view it on the 3D TV if you got it. I bet GT5 got something 3ds won't, You can control shutter, aperture, iso and even apply some special effects.